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Refund Policy

Hello Dear Customer,

    1. We are happy to give you a refund, if you request a refund as a new client for any reason within 30 calendar days of the Date of Purchase. The Purchase Day is the date you bought our website bundle. The 30 days after the purchase date is referred to as the Refund Period.

    2. Before KYMOX designs your elegant business website, you must first fill out and complete the questionnaire about your small business/company. If not, you will not be given a company website. You may seek a refund at any time within the Refund Period, regardless of whether you have completed the questionnaire and/or received the business website.

    3. Subject to paragraph 4, you are not entitled to a refund beyond the Refund Period, regardless of whether you completed the questionnaire and/or got the business website. Failure to complete the questionnaire needed by KYMOX for creating the company website does not automatically prolong the Refund Period. Outside of the Refund Period, all purchases are final and nonrefundable.

    4. If KYMOX fails to provide the website within 7 days of receiving your completed questionnaire, KYMOX will extend the Refund Period by the number of days that KYMOX was delayed. For example, If KYMOX delivered your company website in 8 days after you completed the questionnaire, your Refund Period would be extended by day one.

    5. Subject to paragraph 1, if you bought a One-time deal but did not buy the optional recurring plan subscriptions and services, you would get a complete refund.

    6. Subject to paragraph 1, if you bought the One-time deal with an optional subscription plan, the refund will comprise the entire sum of the One-time deal plus the value of the regular plan subscription minus the cost of the custom domain name, if one was selected. The recurring plan subscription will be fully reimbursed if no custom domain name is selected.
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